Meghvi is the journey of Meghana Bathula, a Post Graduate of NIFT who loves Fashion Apparel & Accessories, putting her heart and spreading the Fashion wave through her unique products. The idea of starting a Fashion & Lifestyle brand evolved in her mind when she was in school and used to wonder how Fashion is so important for everyone that anyone could ever resist.

Meghvi aims at providing the best of Fashion & Lifestyle products under one roof offering a unique experience to it’s customers with the help of social media because in today’s market there are not many brands who are able to cater to this niche market. It is that idea that Meghana Bathula thought should reach the entire world.

She then decided to quit her well-paying Corporate job and strived hard to bring the best of Fashion & Lifestyle. This is a journey of hurdles, challenges and lot more for Meghana Bathula alone having no entrepreneurial experience but the only advantage is working in the same industry for almost 5 years.

It is only her passion that kept her instinct going and could overcome every roadblock that came in her way and eventually she learnt how to deal with it & grow each day. The distinctive journey of Entrepreneurship is deeply rooted in her love for Fashion & Lifestyle and love for serving her customers.

Every Meghvi product from diversified categories is extensively sourced from different suppliers who are bringing the best of their products which usually take several weeks of dedicated hardwork and immense craftsmanship before they are live into the market. The process of selling the Indian-wear products under one roof is a celebration of centuries of tradition and authenticity of Indian art and every Meghvi Queen who embraces Meghvi carries the love, magic and beauty that truly shine through.

An ode to Saree: Six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty!

The long trail of cloth, one straight single length,
no Zip, no stitch yet oozes vigor and strength!

The six yards of grace, draped perfect for the evening,
the elegance untouched, adds 'femininity' to the meaning!

The humble drape stirring the political motion,
since time immemorial, breaking the rules and the notion!

The shimmer, the glitter and sequins on it,
never overpower the struggles woven within!

The poor, the rich and in the middle,
all of us have worn it to go unbridled!

It marks the beauty of a demure bride,
it tells tale of prejudice and pride!

It signifies the poise and grace of a woman,
it shapes the curves, for sensuality to loosen!

It covers the beauty with all its layers,
yet oozes the oomph and call for glares!

'Saree my love ' you are the most beautiful attire,
a timeless fashion, which refuses to retire...

(poem written by a famous poetess)

The Tradition of Indian Jewellery

India has been the one of the prime sources of Jewellery for much of history. For about 3000 years, India was the only known source of diamonds.

An ancient poet says,

It is the Jewels that are bedecked by women
Not women who are beautified by them
A woman unbejewelled will still enrapture,
But who looks twice at any girl-less gem?

It says that even when girl-less, gems hold considerable interest.

After starting her brand, She has rediscovered her love for Fashion & Lifestyle- timeless fashion for Men & Women and there is no other way to portray her love other than penning down her thoughts on it.

This is the story of Meghvi. It redefines Fashion & Lifestyle as channels of love and vessels of stories. It recognizes the importance of Fashion in today’s world and brings that DNA to the fore. It becomes the ground for a community of men & women to be whoever they want to be.

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